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Get your tree ready for next Christmas

If you feel like something is missing in your house after the Christmas holidays, then  it's probably because you don't have a tree anymore. While nobody is suggesting that you get another tree up in your living room, it is not too late to get a living tree in your garden. This way, you will have one ready for next December, either to leave outside and decorate (so having in fact two Christmas trees!) or to bring in for the festive season.

Planted or in pot, the roots size is key

There are two types of Christmas trees that you can get in order to keep them alive, those that are ready to be planted and those that come in pots. The key to have a tree that will keep until next Christmas and for many years to come is the size of the roots. If there are too little of them, the tree will not be able to survive and will lose its needles and die. But if you are buying a tree now, chances are that it will be sold for the purpose of being planted.

What you do with the tree is depending on how you want to use it later. If you want an outdoor Christmas tree to decorate your garden, plant it in the ground. If you want to use it indoor as your Christmas tree, keep it in a pot and you'll be able to bring it inside later. But in that case, make sure that it will be kept in a cool position and adequately watered. You will only be able to keep it for about two weeks indoor, but it will get bigger and stronger each year.

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