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Santa Claus

Santa Claus also known as Saint Nicholas, Santa and Father Christmas have a variety of different stories as to where he came from, who he is and what he looks like. But traditionally we know him the old bearded man who travels around the world delivering presents to Children in one night, which is the 24th December.


The name Santa Claus first came about in 1773 when the word ‘Sinterlkass’ was Americanized.  One story behind Santa dates as far back to the 4th century when it is believed that he would hand out money to the poor.  In the 19th Century artists begun to draw up sketches of what he looked like, which helped to contribute what Santa looks like now. His image was similar to what we imagine now but he was all sorts of shapes and sizes and dressed in a variety of coats from blue to brown to gold. He only became the famous red bearded man in 1920’s when a Swedish painter designed him for a Christmas advertising campaign for Coca Cola. 

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